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HSI HotSpot: The great opportunity and challenge offered to all mobile Internet users

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Shops , Hotels and Tourist Facilities , Hotels and pensions , Resorts , Municipalities and, in general , all the places frequented by the public are discovering the great advantage that it can offer a service of Internet connectivity to those present.


What is a HotSpot?
It ' a transmitting apparatus , to be able to install either in closed or open spaces , enabling those who are in the vicinity , you can connect to the Internet using your own laptop , handheld device or mobile phone evolved.
The connection is achieved in a simple manner , without any need for user configuration : it is enough to have the " credentials " to be placed in a template that will appear at the time of entering into the Internet.
These credentials will be provided to you by those who have installed a HotSpot in your commercial establishment or structure .

What is the benefit from having a HotSpot?
Offer its customers / users the ability to connect to the Internet on the move is a moment of great attraction.
Sometimes it may be a service that no longer can no longer be present, except on condition of accepting the consequence of a less frequented by customers ( as in the case of hotels and pensions ) . In other cases it is a service to the citizens now have (municipalities and in tourist areas ) .
Swisstech created the Italian HotSpot network , operator of the infrastructure access points , in order to make available to its customers a solution :
high performance in full compliance with the rules contained in the so-called " Pisanu Decree " ;
Economic and ready implementation ;
allows the customization of navigation pages with marks of the HotSpot operator ;
which allows to model along the desired business in the granting of access credentials (free, in exchange for consumption or use of a service , for sale , ...)


Is the solution available ?
Yes, you can visit to see our proposal:




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