Kit montaggio Surround Mount Mobotix

Kit montaggio Surround Mount Mobotix

Kit montagggio a muro per S14D/S15D

Con doppio foro per 2 ottiche

Angolo di 28° ideale per soffitti, autobus, treni, etc.


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Installing two sensor modules that are pointing in opposite directions in long and narrow spaces (e.g., buses, air planes or trains) delivers double hemispheric images of up to 6 megapixels that, in terms of sharpness of detail, significantly outperforms a single hemispheric camera with just one lens.

The 25° tilt of the two sensor modules on the SurroundMount allows the area directly underneath them to be captured without blind spots. 


  • For surveillance of long and narrow spaces (e.g., bus, train, hallway, etc.) without blind spots
  • Two sensor modules can be integrated in the mount S14D or S15D
    (not included)
  • Concealed cabling, weatherproof from -30 to +60 °C (IP65)
  • Suitable for ceiling installation, with a 25° tilt of the lenses
  • The SurroundMount can only be used with the following sensor modules (day or night):
      • L11, L22, L43 (S14D)
      • L12, L25, L51 (S15D)


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